Chester Bennington’s Unreleased Song ‘Starting To Fly’ Released


Chester Bennington ‘s Unreleased Song ‘Starting To Fly’ Released. It will appear on Gray Daze’s new album “Phoenix,” which will be released in the summer. Gray Daze, Chester Bennington’s first band, has shared the track and video for “Starting To Fly.” In the video, you can see archival footage of the singer taken during the recording of this song.

Sean Dowdell, the band’s drummer, said that “Starting To Fly” is “a rock anthem about finding yourself and your true potential” : Starting To Fly” will be featured on Gray Daze’s new album “Phoenix,” which will be released on June 17th. Also on the tracklist was “Saturation (Strange Love),” released in April.
“Phoenix” features Chester Bennington’s daughters, ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction member Dave Navarro, and Richard Patrick of Filter.

Gray Daze lasted from 1993 to 1998, after which Bennington joined Linkin Park. In 2017, the musicians planned a large-scale reunion with concerts, but this never happened due to the death of the singer. Chester Bennington’s first band Gray Daze released an unreleased song, “Saturation (Strange Love).” Along with the track, the musicians showed a clip with archival concert footage featuring the singer.

Gray Daze drummer Sean Dowdell believes that many people have come to love Bennington for his unique ability to “shout notes.” And in the track “Saturation (Strange Love),” this ability of the singer is shown very clearly – listeners literally feel his “anxiety and lively emotions.”

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